Message from the Organising Chair

I am pleased to invite you to the 6th International Sustainable Energy Summit (ISES) 2024. The summit is organised by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia and hosted in collaboration with the Ministry of Energy Transition and Water Transformation.

The previous 5th ISES 2022 was a resounding success. Launched by the then-Prime Minister, the 5th ISES 2022 marked another milestone in Malaysia's sustainable energy industry. It brought together energy experts and thought leaders to discuss pressing issues and solutions to accelerate the country's energy transition.

ISES, which has established itself as a premier and must-attend gathering in the field of sustainable energy over the past years, successfully facilitates industry players in this sector. We expect a more extensive participation at this upcoming summit through our regional alliances and a well-established follow-up from the past year's success. The summit has always anchored on authentic rich content via our reputable speakers with the latest thought leadership and creating an interactive & engaging session for people to connect - the 6th ISES 2024 will be no different!

For its 6th edition, the 6th ISES 2024 will continue its role as the premier summit for esteemed experts and thought leaders to convene and explore the great potential of sustainable energy and address topical matters of interest. The event will take place on August 20th and 21st at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

We have chosen the theme of "Accelerating Energy Transition Through Innovation" to recognise the summit's commitment to expedite the sustainable energy transition via innovative approaches. Given the global's movement towards cleaner and more efficient energy solutions, innovation plays a pivotal role in accelerating the crucial energy transition.

In this aspect, the 6th ISES 2024 aims to emphasise the transformative potential of innovative solutions and unlock new possibilities to develop impactful, future-oriented and sustainable solutions. We believe the theme will set the conversations at the summit in design to benefit the audience towards a net-zero carbon future and highlight the transformative capacity of innovative solutions. The immersion program will be tailored with specialised topics best suited to meet the needs of attendees who strive for the wide-scale implementation of innovative solutions to advance a sustainable energy future.

The Authority also aspires the 6th ISES 2024 will be a dynamic catalyst for accelerated progress in the sustainable energy transition. I am confident that the 6th ISES 2024 will attract hundreds of international companies, professionals, and renowned experts to participate in the conference's different facets as partners, exhibitors, and speakers or simply as delegates.

At this juncture, I wish to thank the Ministry of Energy Transition and Water Transformation, esteemed keynote panellists and speakers, partners, exhibitors, endorses, media partners and the SEDA Malaysia team who have committed their resources in furtherance of the sustainable energy agenda in Malaysia.

I look forward to welcoming all of you to the 6th ISES 2024.

Dato' Hamzah Hussin,
Organising Chair (6th ISES 2024)
Chief Executive Officer, SEDA Malaysia

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