Are You Ready To Reform The Future of Energy?

We're calling all visionaries, innovators, and game-changers to step up and showcase your groundbreaking ideas. This is your chance to transform the energy landscape to create a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come. Showcase your innovation and stand a chance to win the total prizes of RM15,000!

What Are We Looking For?

Innovative Technologies  

We are seeking cutting-edge technologies and solutions that harness the power of renewable energy that accelerate the energy transition.


Embrace sustainability at the core of your innovations, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact, enhancing efficiency, and promoting responsible resource management.

Collaborative Spirit  

Foster collaboration and interdisciplinary approaches to address challenges and unlock new opportunities in sustainable energy.


Demonstrate the scalability and feasibility of your solutions, with the potential for widespread adoption.

How To Participate?

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Submit your registration here. Pitch your innovation through a 3 minutes video and submit here before 8th August 2024. Compile all project documentations and submit here before 19th September 2024.
  • Shortlisted project videos will be announced and showcased before closing ceremony of ISES 2024.
  • The winner will be announced on 1st October 2024 during IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (HTC).

For any inquiries or more information, kindly reach us at

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analytic
  • To enhance energy efficiency through integrated data analysis for improved decision-making
Internet of Things (IOT) & Blockchain
  • To monitor energy system, boosting efficiency and reliability through continuous data
Smart Geographical Information System (GIS) & Digital Twin
  • To optimize renewable energy locations and consider environmental impact and resource efficiency

Team Size

A team consists of 2 to 4 members. (Max:4 & Min: 2)

  • Malaysian or foreign national residing in Malaysia
  • 18 years old and above
  • Possess engineering, technology or related fields background
Proposal Novelty
  • The entry must be original and align with the challenge’s focus areas, emphasizing innovation and usefulness.
SEDA Innovation Challenge Timeline
  • 8th August 2024
    Deadline: Video Presentation submission (3 mins video & 30secs video)
  • 21st August 2024
    Announcement of shortlisted projects at ISES 2nd day
  • 19th September 2024
    Deadline: Project Documentation submission
  • 1st October 2024
    Award Winning Ceremony at 2024 IEEE R10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (HTC)

  1. Video Presentation
    1. Submit the video to the provided platform by the organizer
    2. Upload the video in the YouTube
    3. Video duration shall not exceed 3 minutes
    4. Presentation shall emphasize on:
      • Brief description the project
      • Explanation of the technical features of the innovation
      • Visualize the sketch design
      • Preliminary prototype design
      • Documentation to support the innovation (Academia papers, TRL, Patents or Article featured in any publications)
      • Highlight the examples of innovation in real-world application

  2. Project Documentation
    1. Research prototype / proof of concept for project showcase which includes:
      • Executive summary
      • Project background
      • Methodology / development process
      • Result / output / outcome
      • Proof of commercialization / collaboration with industry (if any)
      • Video presentation link (YouTube link)
      • Pictures of the innovation

All submissions will be evaluated based on:


Poses the originality and innovative of the idea and concept

Usefulness and Practicality

Addressing the issues revolving around the focus area


Available for prompt deployment of in real situation

Commercial Value

Poses the potential to be in the market, niche or mass

Product Presentation

Knowledgeable presenter, engaging delivery and creative

Total prizes of RM15,000 will be awarded to the winners under these categories:

Innovation Award

Most groundbreaking technology in the realm of sustainable energy

Impact Award

Serving the biggest positive impact on the environment and society

People’s Choice Award

Most popular project perceived among ISES attendees

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