Logo Rationale

  • Just about all the energy we use comes from the sun; the sun is a star
  • 13 stars represent 13 states of Malaysia
  • 13 stars lined up in crescent shape – inspired by Jalur Gemilang (the Malaysian flag) – symbolic of integration of sustainable energy into the national agenda
  • The increasing sizes in the stars depicts that ISES shall grow from strength to strength in coming years
  • The crescent also represents the letter ‘C’ which has embedded messages on climate change mitigation measures, carbon reduction and clean energy generation
  • The circular nature of crescent denoted the globe, there is the element of convergence of local and international knowledge in the symbol
  • The blue color indicates authority – the ISES is an authorised platform (by SEDA Malaysia) in knowledge sharing in fulfillment of the Strategic Thrust 5 under National Renewable Energy Policy and Action Plan
  • White color depicts clean, and lean energy messages (via Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency) shall take centre stage in all ISES platforms